Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Masses for the Week - Rosary is recited daily before Mass 

Monday, February 3 – St. Blaise, Bishop & Martyr; St. Anspar, Bishop - No Mass

Tuesday, February 4 – Weekday in Ordinary Time

7:00 p.m. – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Cenacle, Reconciliation, Prayers to St. Philomena

7:45 p.m. Mass – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Rose Hanna by LaVon & Mary Lou Speiser

Wednesday, February 5 – St. Agatha, Virgin & Martyr

6:00 p.m. – St. Michael’s Ridge – Holy Hour with Reconciliation & Adoration

7:00 p.m. Mass – St. Michael’s Ridge – Holly Garmyn

Thursday, February 6 – St. Paul Miki & Companions, Martyrs

8:30 a.m. – St. Isidore, Marysdale – Reconciliation

9:00 a.m. Mass - St. Isidore, Marysdale – Karen Brown by Marilyn Oliver

Friday, February 7 – First Friday; Weekday in Ordinary Time

8:00 a.m. Mass – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Paul Nusbaum by Bob & Roxie Timbrook

Lord’s Day Masses

Saturday, February 8 – Vigil of the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

3:30 p.m. - St. Isidore, Delaware Bend - Reconciliation

4:30 p.m. - St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Ted & Imelda Moninger by Tom & Diane Moninger

6:30 p.m. St. Michael’s Ridge – Paul Wagner by Vivian, Nancy, Loraine, & Burt

Sunday, February 9 – Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

8:30 a.m. – St. Michael’s Ridge – Deceased Members of the Hall and Hornish families

10:00 a.m. - St. Isidore, Marysdale – M/M Bill Weaner by Gregg & Geraldine Gause

*********************************************Weekly collection for January 25/26, 2020

Loose - $291.00

Regular Envelopes - $1,736.00 (64)

Energy - $120.00 (5)

Church in Latin America - $55.00 (4)

Baptism Stipend - $100.00 (1)

Maintenance Fund - $4000 (1)

Total - $2,342.00  Thank you. May God bless you!


Upcoming Parish Events

February 8/9 - Parish Council Nominations

March 11 – Parish Penance Service – 6:45pm at MD

March 22-24 – Parish Mission at MD

March 29 – St. Isidore Open Parish Council Meeting

April 5 – St. Isidore Parish Easter breakfast

April 18 – Sacrament of Confirmation during the 4:30pm Mass (to be held at the Marysdale site with no 4:30 Mass at The Bend site that weekend)

April 26 – St. Isidore Mother-Daughter Breakfast


Confirmation Choir – If you are interested in singing for the Confirmation Mass on Saturday, April 18, at Marysdale, there will be an informational meeting on Sunday, February 9, in the choir loft immediately following Mass.  Any questions, call or text Deb Kolb at 419-438-3768.

A Family Perspective: It is in our family where we learn to be merciful and comforting to others.  The Beatitudes of the Kingdom of God begin at home and depend on you. Parents lead the way.

St. Isidore Mass Intentions – Contact Melissa Moninger at 419-789-3780 (call/text).  The donation can be given to her directly or put in an envelope with her name on it and placed in the collection basket.

St. Isidore Maintenance Contact – Greg Shininger –419-658-8811

Sacrament of Reconciliation
St. Isidore, MD – Thursday 8:30-9am

St. Isidore, DB – Tues. 7:15-7:45pm; Sat. 3:30-4:25pm

St. Michael’s Ridge – Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm


“Around Our Parishes”

This Sunday: Rolls & coffee after 10am Mass at MD, provided by the Altar-Rosary Society



Dear Parishioners of St. Isidore & St. Mike’s Ridge:

It has come to my attention that someone is trying to again scam members of our parishes using my name.  They are doing this via an e-mail or text from another phone number other than my own, whether it be the phone number of the Rectory or my personal cell number.  Rest assured, I would never contact anyone of you in any manner requesting monetary funds of any form, whether it be cash, check, account numbers, gift cards, etc.  If you are contacted in such a manner, please HANG UP AND DON’T RESPOND!  Father Jake

Parish Council Nominations – Nominations for parish council will be held on February   at both Masses. Please read the attached Parish Council Bylaws and the responsibilities of parish council members so you will be better informed when nominating a fellow parishioner and/or accepting the nomination should that be the case.

Parish Mission - St. Isidore Parish’s 2020 Lenten Mission will be held March 22–24 at the Marysdale site for both parishes.  The Mission will feature Fr. Adrian Burke, OSB, a Benedictine Monk from St. Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad, Indiana.  The Mission will speak to the issue of “Intentional Christian Living” – i.e. being deliberate in forming a disciplined spiritual life and the important components of such.

CCD News

The following students are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, April 18, during 4:30 Mass at the Marysdale site: Jesse Coolman, Aicha Diaw, Miguel Garcia, Isaiah Goliver, Jeremiah Hammon, Alex Macsay, John Marlin, and Jude Shininger. Please keep them in your prayers. 


Preparing for Marriage – Please pray for the following couples who are preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony later this year:
June 13 – Alicia Little & Dustin Colvin – SMR
September 12 – Abby Parrot & Kurt Kahle – SMR
September 26 – Brett Dietrich & Anna Doctor – SMR
December 12 – Emily Culler & Brooks Grine - MD

Graceful Living Magazine - The second issue of Graceful Living, the Diocese of Toledo’s magazine, has arrived. You may receive it in your mailbox at home. If not, you can get a copy from the vestibule at either site in the first two weeks of February!


Birthday Wishes

Jesse Coolman, February 3

Heavin Weber, February 5

Brianna Moninger, February 5

Kendal Peck, February 5

Pat Fillman, February 6

Aicha Diaw, February 6

Ladonna Scantlen, February 7

Tim Grine, February 8

Luke Shininger, February 8

Devine Weber, February 9

Haley Clinker, February 9


Pray for the sick:

Fr. Bob, Betty Adelman & Jean Keller (sisters of Anita Bertsch), Anita Bertsch, Cody Davis, Marianne Fleming, Denny Fronk, Noah Garcia, Jim Huebner, Rhett Jesse, Danny Mekus, Marilyn Minck, Roseann Nusbaum, and all who need our prayers. 

Area Events

K of C Pancake Breakfast – This Sunday, February 1, 2020, at the K of C Hall on Elliott Road, Defiance, from 8:30am-11am. Meal prices are: $7.50 for adults; $6.50 for senior citizens; $4 for children 6-12; free for children 5 and U. Menu includes buttermilk pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs, sausage links, ham, cheesy potato casserole, biscuits & sausage gravy, cinnamon rolls, orange juice & coffee.     

First Friday Mass 

1st Friday Mass will be celebrated February 7, at 7pm at Domus Angelorum Retreat House, located at 21706 State Route 114, Cloverdale, OH. All are welcome. 

Retreat at Domus Angelorum Retreat Center

The Domus Angelorum Retreat House, located at 21706 State Route 114, Cloverdale, will be conducting a retreat on the topic of  “Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”” Matt 5:20, on Saturday, February 8.  The day begins with Mass at 8:30 am with registration and Adoration following Mass. The day will conclude with Confession and Benedictions at 3pm. Retreat leader will be Father Herman Scherger.  Cost is $10 per person and please bring a packed lunch. All are welcome.

K of C Fish Fry – On Friday, February 14, 2020, at the K of C Hall on Elliott Road, Defiance, from 4-7pm. Eat In: Adult dinner - $10 with beverage; 6-12 yrs. - $4; 5 & under – Free. Carry Out: Regular dinner - $9.50 (Fish with 2 sides but no fries); 2 lb. “All Fish” - $16.00 ($22 with 3 sides (no fries)); all side dishes - $3/pint (no fries).  

Square Dancing - Bring you sweetheart or the whole family to Square Dancing nights at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Hicksville! Doors open at 6:30pm and dancing will begin at 7pm until 10pm on Saturday, February 15 and Saturday, March 21.  Pop, water, beer and wine will be sold, as well as raffles throughout the night. The caller for the night is Doug Michaelis from Bowling Green. Tickets are $5 per person, $10 a couple and $15 per family with minor children.

Save the Date!! Rekindle the Fire - Annual Men's Conference in Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese - is celebrating 10 years this year. This year's conference will be Saturday, February 22, 2020 at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne. This year's conference speakers will be Jesse Romero, Father Mike Schmitz & Marcus Grodi. For more information and to register, please visit https://www.rekindlethefire.net/


Credit Union News

Christo Rey Federal Credit Union is changing the rate(s) paid on savings accounts!  The second half 2019 dividend rate will be based on the share savings account balance and will be paid on balances as of December 31, 2019.  Please give your passbooks to Cindy Siler for posting after January 1. 

The interest dividends rates are:

Account balances up to $1,000.00     .75%

Balances between $1,000.01 & $2,500.00     .80% Balances between $2,500.01 and $10,000.00     .85% 

Balances between $10,000.01 and $25,000.00  .95%

Account balances $25,000.01 and over   1.15%

Christo Rey is a great place for savings accounts for children and grandchildren, your emergency (rainy day) fund or as a way to earn a high rate of return with daily access to your money.  Compare the rate you are currently receiving on your passbook savings account to the rates shown above. Funds are insured up to $250,000 per account by the NCUA. All parishioners of St. Isidore are eligible to become Credit Union members. Please contact Cindy Siler at (419) 658-2707 with questions or to open an account. 

Current loan rates at the Christo Rey Federal Credit Union are:

2020-2019 Cars & Trucks 3.0%

2018-2017 Cars & Trucks 3.5%

2016-2015 Cars & Trucks 4.0%

All other secured loans 4.5%

Signature loans ($6,000.00 maximum)         11.0%

To obtain further information on financing through the Credit Union, contact Cindy Siler at (419) 658-2707 or Ted Czartoski, Loan Officer at (419) 769-6693.


Abortion and Child Abuse

Abortion teaches us that violence is an acceptable way to deal with difficult life problems. It teaches us that human beings are only valuable if they meet certain criteria, and it teaches us that the strong have a legal right to kill the weak and defenseless. When the unique value of individual human life is trampled upon, society inevitably suffers. 

Abortion advocates argue just the opposite. They purport that aborting "unwanted" children will reduce child abuse, neglect, poverty and violence and will generally lead to happier families. However, our experience since 1973 proves that this theory does not work. During that time, over 60 million "unwanted" babies have been denied the right to live, yet we have more crime, more violence, more dead-beat dads, and more gangs. The list goes on. 

Abortion advocates even argue that abortion is an effective way to prevent crime since it eliminates those who are "most likely" to commit crimes, more specifically the babies of poor mothers. Dianne Glass wrote an article supporting this radical idea. It is hard to believe that in this age, people could argue that human beings should be executed for crimes they may commit in the future and that abortion is the answer to solving poverty. Indeed, it is a truly frightening social policy! 

In the final analysis, it is only logical to conclude that societies who are willing to abort children before birth will be far more likely to abuse them after birth. Abortion is child abuse, and it is the most severe form of abuse in existence.