Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Masses for the Week - Rosary is recited daily before Mass

Monday, December 31 – Vigil of the Solemnity of the BVM (Fr. Steve Blum) Holyday of Obligation

4:30 p.m. Mass – St. Isidore, Marysdale – Robert Schindler by Terry & Deb Kolb

   Servers: Volunteers

6:30 p.m. Mass – St. Michael’s Ridge – Herb, Frances, Jerry & John Hall, Carol & Chloris Hall, Lois Hornish and Carl & Evelyn Mack by Phil Hornish

Tuesday, January 1 – The Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Fr. Fred Duschl) Holyday of Obligation

9:00 a.m. Mass – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Jane Schroeder by Bob & Mary Kurtz

   Servers: Volunteers

Wednesday, January 2 – St. Basil, the Great; St. Gregory Nazianzen

7:00 p.m. Mass – St. Michael’s Ridge – Larry Wagner by Chris & Karen Newton

Thursday, January 3 – The Most Holy Name of Jesus

9:00 a.m. Mass – St. Isidore, Marysdale – Carol Felter by Mark & Deborah Keber

Friday, January 4 – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton; First Friday

8:00 a.m. Mass – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Bill Fillman by Randal & Judy Robinett


Lord’s Day Masses

Saturday, January 5 – Vigil of the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

3:30 p.m. – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend - Reconciliation

4:30 p.m. - St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Mary Arend by Bob & Heather Miller

   Servers: Riley Bowers and Jesse Coolman

6:30 p.m. – St. Michael’s Ridge – Ted Garmyn by Marilyn Reeb

Sunday, January 6 – Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

8:30 a.m. – St. Michael’s Ridge – Rieke & Wagner Families by Mike & Carol Rieke

10:00 a.m. - St. Isidore, Marysdale – Deb Shininger by Don & Clara Meyer

   Servers: Timothy Meyer, Isaac Shininger, Jeffrey Smith


St. Isidore Parish Stewardship – December 22/23, 2018

Loose - $2,153.00

Regular Envelopes - $2,310.00 (69)

Christmas Flowers - $25.00 (4)

Christmas - $620.00 (4)

Immaculate Conception - $25.00 (3)

Total - $5,133.00 

Christmas, December 25, 2018

Loose - $566.00

Christmas Envelopes - $2,682.00 (57)

Christmas Flowers - $20.00 (1)

Regular Envelopes - $160.00 (7)

Priests Retirement - $50.00 (1)

Total - $3,478.00  Thank you.  May God bless you!


The 2019 contribution envelopes are available to be picked up in the vestibule at the site where you most frequently attend Mass.  If you did not receive envelopes and wish to have some, please contact Melissa Moninger at 419-789-3780.


A Family Perspective: December 30, 2018, Holy Family: Today’s gospel contains this truth about parenting: “but his parents did not know.”  One of the reasons parenting is so difficult is because our children don’t tell us everything.  If the Holy Family had trouble with their teenager, why do we think it will be easier for us?

January 1, 2019, Mary, Mother of God: The gospel tells us “Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.”   We would do well to imitate Mary in our New Year’s resolution.  Instead of criticizing, let’s “keep it in our hearts.”  Criticism isn’t productive or well received anyway!

 “Around Our Parishes”

This Weekend: Fr. Steve Blum, celebrant at Sat. Masses

            Fr. Fred Duschl, celebrant at Sunday Masses

Monday: Vigil of the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – 4:30pm Mass - St. Isidore, Marysdale

            6:30pm Mass – St. Michael’s Ridge – Fr. Blum

Tuesday: Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 9am Mass – St. Isidore, DB – Fr. Duschl

Friday: First Friday Communion calls

Next Weekend: Pro-Life Signature Ad Campaign – after all Masses

The Question has been asked:  When will Fr. Gordon be officially helping us out?  Will he be helping “full” time or “part” time?  What about the other priests that have been so kind to help us with Masses these last two months? Fr. Gordon has already been helping us out with weekday Masses and will be having 2 Masses on Christmas Eve (taking Fr. Ceranowski’s place at Fr. Al’s request due to distance & the possibility of snow).  The other visiting priests had already been scheduled thru January 1, 2019 (before the Diocese let me know that we will be having Fr. Gordon’s help at St. Michael & St. Isidore parishes).  From now till July 1, 2019, Fr. Gordon will be officially helping in whatever way he is needed.  We are very thankful to Fr. Gordon for agreeing to help me in my time of need.   I still need 37 radiation treatments at Bryan Oncology Center which will begin January 2, 2019 and continue thru February 21, 2019.  I pray that these treatments will take care of any remaining cancer cells.  Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Fr. Bob


Adoration Chapel Christmas hours: The Adoration Chapel will re-open after New Year's on Wednesday, January 2, at 6am. Have a joy-filled New Year.


2018 contribution statements will NOT be mailed unless requested.  If you wish to have a contribution statement for 2018, please put a self-addressed stamped envelope in the weekly collection and one will be mailed to you.  If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Moninger at 419-789-3780.


Birthday Wishes

Melissa Moninger, January 1

Shawn Goliver, January 1

Sawyer Jesse, January 4

Sam Slusser, January 5

Barbara Coolman, January 6

Russ Jesse, January 6


Pray for the sick:

Fr. Bob, June Coolman, Cody Davis, Marianne Fleming, Denny Fronk, Noah Garcia, Danny Mekus, Don Meyer, Marilyn Minck, Roseann Nusbaum, Betty Adelman (sister of Anita Bertsch), and all who need our prayers.

Calendar Dates – If there are any birthday or anniversary dates that need to be added, deleted, or changed to the list included in the bulletin, please contact Char Shininger.

The Christo Rey Federal Credit Union announces that its second half 2018 dividend rate will be .65% to be paid on share savings account activity from July 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.  Please give your passbooks to Cindy Siler for posting after January 1.


Christo Rey Federal Credit Union is accepting new members as well as deposits from current members for share savings accounts.  Share savings accounts operate similar to passbook savings accounts that are offered by other financial institutions.  There is daily access to your money, and the rate paid (.65%) is generally substantially higher than the rate offered for these types of accounts at other financial institutions.  There are no fees for small balance accounts and you may open an account with a minimum balance of $5.00.   These are great accounts for children or grandchildren, or to save money as an emergency fund.  Membership is open to all registered parishioners of St. Isidore Catholic Church.  Contact Cindy Siler at (419) 658-2707 for additional information or to open an account.

The next meeting of the Christo Rey Federal Credit Union will be Monday, January 14, 2019, at Marysdale at 7:30pm.

Current loan rates at the Christo Rey Federal Credit Union are:

2019-2018 Cars & Trucks                              3.0%

2017-2016 Cars & Trucks                              3.5%

2015-2014 Cars & Trucks                              4.0%

All other secured loans                                   4.5%

Signature loans ($4,000.00 maximum)         11.0%


To obtain further information on financing through the Credit Union, contact Ted Czartoski at 419-769-6693 or Cindy Siler at 419-658-2707.


Area Events

K of C Fish Fry

Knights of Columbus Council #1039, 111 Elliott Road, Defiance, OH (419-782-3536) Friday, January 4, 2019. Carry-out meals available at 4:00pm; dining room from 4:00pm-7:00pm.  Eat in: Adult Dinner $10.00 (with beverage) 6-12 Years $4.00, 5 and under eat for FREE!! Carry Out: Regular Dinner $9.50, 2lb “All Fish” $16.00, ($22 with any 3 Sides), side dishes $3.00/pint.

First Friday Latin Mass

Latin Mass will be celebrated January 4, 2019, at 7pm at Domus Angelorum Retreat House, located at 21706 State Route 114, Cloverdale, OH at 7:00 pm. All are welcome.

K of C Pancake Breakfast – Sunday, January 6, 2019, at the K of C Hall on Elliott Road, Defiance, from 9am-11am.  Meal price are: $7.50 for adults; $6.50 for senior citizens; $4 for children 6-12; free for children 5 and U. French toast has been added to the menu. 

Retreat at Domus Angelorum Retreat Center

The Domus Angelorum Retreat House, located at 21706 State Route 114 Cloverdale, will be conducting a retreat on the topic ‘The Cardinal Virtues” on Saturday, January 12, 2019.  The day begins with Mass at 8:30am with registration and Adoration following Mass. The day will conclude with Confession and Benedictions at 3pm. Retreat leader will be Father Herman Scherger. Cost is

$10 per person and please bring a packed lunch. All are welcome.

Right to Life Pilgrimage to Washington DC (night of January 16 - early morning January 20), leaving from Divine Mercy - Paulding. If interested in attending, please contact Christopher Bercaw at 419.769.2679 or chriskofc@gmail.com for more information. 


Diocesan Events

Does your marriage need a tune up? Or even a major overhaul?  Sometimes a marriage can run along fine and then things change. They may need your time and attention.

Sometimes lines of communication break down and they need repair.  Sometimes our focus moves away from our marriage and family and needs a little redirection.  Sometimes a fair or average marriage is just not enough.  Have you ever thought to yourself, "How can I make my marriage better?"  If so, Retrouvaille can help.  Retrouvaille is marriage program for couples whose marriage has become off course.  It begins with a weekend program that can help get your relationship back on track.  It is an effective program that has worked for thousands of couples and it can work for your marriage. For more information about our January 25-27th   Retrouvaille Weekend program for couples, contact registration team: Robin & Jeff  @ 419-481-1116 or visit our website:  HelpOurMarriage.com.


What is Pro Life? Are we sure we are 100% Pro Life? – Part I

The Church teaches that all life is sacred and must be cherished and protected from conception to natural death. By keeping this guiding principle in mind in reviewing all the following moral issues of today, we can quickly see what it means to be 100% Pro Life, no exceptions.


This is defined as the removal of an embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. While it may not look or function completely as a baby, it is still a baby. All things are what they are at their inception. By not protecting and nurturing an embryo, we have taken the life of a little boy or girl.

Now we have to ask the difficult questions for some. While many people are against abortion in general, and still calling themselves prolife, they take exception in the following cases: rape, incest, or severe mental or physical birth defects in the unborn child. Those exceptions to abortion are not prolife, because they are not protecting all life. We cannot take the life of any unborn child, regardless of their condition or the circumstances of their conception. The child is innocent, created by God in his image, and deserving of God’s plans for his life here on earth.

If you believe that Abortion is wrong, then you are Pro Life on this issue.

Joann Murray
Lucas, Texas