33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Masses for the Week - Rosary is recited daily before Mass 

Monday, November 18 – The Dedication of the Basilicas of Sts. Peter and Paul, Apostles; St. Rose Philippine Dechesne

No Mass 

Tuesday, November 19 – Weekday in Ordinary Time

7:00 p.m. – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Cenacle, Reconciliation, Prayers to St. Philomena

7:45 p.m. Mass – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Robert Cromwell by Freda Meyer

Wednesday, November 20 – Weekday in Ordinary Time

6:00 p.m. St. Michael’s Ridge – Holy Hour with Confessions & Adoration

7:00 p.m. Mass – St. Michael’s Ridge – Matteo Krueger by Linda Hernandez

Thursday, November 21 – The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

8:30 a.m. Confessions - St. Isidore, Marysdale

9:00 a.m. Mass – St. Isidore, Marysdale – Robert Schindler by Family

Friday, November 22 – St. Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr

9:00 a.m. Mass – St. Michael’s Ridge – Carmen Wagner


Lord’s Day Masses

Saturday, November 23 – Vigil of the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

3:30 p.m. - St. Isidore, Delaware Bend - Reconciliation

4:30 p.m. - St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Paul Cowle by Tom & Diane Moninger

   Servers: Jesse Coolman and Jeffrey Smith

6:30 p.m. St. Michael’s Ridge – Sister Mary Rebeca Moser, SND by the Schliesser family

Sunday, Nov. 24 – Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

8:30 a.m. – St. Michael’s Ridge – Marion & Albert Mekus by Betty Steffel

10:00 a.m. - St. Isidore, Marysdale – Gil Coolman by Chris & Chris Stuckey Family

   Servers: Eric, John, and Jimmy Shininger

*********************************************Weekly collection for November 9/10, 2019

Loose - $472.00

Regular Envelopes - $1,454.00 (54)

Steubenville Donation - $50.00 (1)

Maintenance Fund - $10,500.00 (2)

All Saint's - $83.00 (6)

All Soul's - $55.00 (3)

Energy - $55.00 (3)

Total - $12,669.00  Thank you. May God bless you!


The 2020 contribution envelopes are available to be picked up.  They will be at The Bend until Saturday, November 30.  Starting Sunday, December 1, they will be available for pick-up at Marysdale.  If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Moninger at 419-789-3780.


The Altar Rosary Society and the Holy Name Society would like to thank everyone who helped plan, donated and worked at the Feather Party.  A big thank you also to everyone who came to enjoy the event.  We had another successful year thanks to everyone involved!  

A Family Perspective: So many conflicting voices and influences make parenting difficult.  In today’s gospel Jesus encourages parents to bravely “give testimony” and trust He will give us the “wisdom” to be good parents.  You are not alone in parenting; a loving Father is standing with you.

St. Isidore Mass Intentions – Contact Melissa Moninger at 419-789-3780 (call/text).  The donation can be given to her directly or put in an envelope with her name on it and placed in the collection basket.

St. Isidore Maintenance Contact – Greg Shininger –419-658-8811


“Around Our Parishes”

This Sunday: Rolls & coffee after 10am Mass at MD, sponsored by the CYO

Tuesday: Staff Meeting at the rectory at 5pm

Thursday: St. Isidore Altar-Rosary Society Meeting at DB at 6:30pm

                 St. Isidore Parish Council Meeting at MD at 7pm


Adoration Chapel Hours Thanksgiving Schedule: The Adoration Chapel will close for the Thanksgiving holiday on Tuesday, November 26th at 11:59pm The Chapel will open after the holiday on Wednesday, December 4th at 6am. Have a blessed holiday!

RCIA Participants - Please pray for our Pre-catechumenates, Jacob Thompson of St. Isidore and Eric May of St. Michael’s Ridge, as they learn and study the Catholic faith. They will be receiving the Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens on Sunday, November 24, at 8:30 Mass at St. Michael's Ridge. 


Annual Catholic Appeal - Currently the 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) is at 92% of goal (as a diocese) and we’d really like to exceed the goal as we did in 2018! You will soon be receiving in the mail an opportunity to support the ACA one final time this year. I ask you to please prayerfully consider making a gift and am so very thankful to you for your past support.  


As a reminder, the ACA helps people in our Diocese follow Jesus through numerous good works such as the education and formation of our seminarians and deacons, increasing discipleship and evangelization, supporting catholic education, and providing outreach services through Catholic Charities.  Together, these efforts make a difference for many of our faithful in our 19-County Diocese. 

Since St. Isidore Parish has reached its 2019 goal, 100% of any additional donations made from now until the end of the year will be returned to our parish.


CCD News

*Congratulations to the following students who received their 1st reconciliation on Wednesday, November 13. Wyatt Coolman, Canon Schroeder, Graham Schroeder, and Lillianne Sheets. 

*The following students are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, April 18, during 4:30 Mass: Jesse Coolman, Aicha Diaw, Miguel Garcia, Isaiah Goliver, Jeremiah Hammon, Alex Macsay, John Marlin, and Jude Shininger. Please keep them in your prayers. 

*Please return Christmas Program sign-up sheets by Wednesday, December 4. High school students who wish to sing or play an instrument prior to or after the program, please let Alison Garcia or your teacher know what you would like to perform. 


Birthday Wishes

Sandy Hug, November 19

Eric Shininger, November 19

Adam Stuckey, November 20

Jane Meyer, November 21

Haylie Sheets, November 23

Anna Graham, November 24

Kyla Carder, November 24


Anniversary Wishes

Tom & Sandy Hug, November 19

Louis & Char Shininger, November 20


Pray for the sick:

Fr. Bob, Betty Adelman & Jean Keller (sisters of Anita Bertsch), Anita Bertsch, Cody Davis, Marianne Fleming, Denny Fronk, Noah Garcia, Jim Huebner, Rhett Jesse, Danny Mekus, Marilyn Minck, Roseann Nusbaum, Fr. John Stites, and all who need our prayers. 

Area Event

Christian Concert - On November 17, St. John’s Catholic Church in Lima will be hosting the award-winning Christian vocal group, Selah. The concert is sponsored by the Celebrate Recovery program hosted at St. John’s in celebration of their 10-year anniversary of bringing this Christ-Centered 12-step program to Lima. The concert will begin at 7:00pm, with doors opening at 6:00pm. Tickets are $10 for general admission and can be purchased in advance through tickets.com.  There will be limited tickets available at the door for $15.

For the past 20 years, the music and ministry of Selah has inspired and encouraged audiences with their timeless and worshipful songs of hope. With over 4 million album and single units sold, this 8-time-Dove-Award winning trio comprised of Todd Smith, Allan Hall, and Amy Perry have set a standard for Christian Music that transcends the multiple genres with their effortless and signature blending of classical, pop, Gospel, bluegrass, and world-beat textures. This concert will also feature several selections from Selah’s newest album, just released on November 1st! Feel free to visit www.selahonline.com for more information about Selah.  Questions about the concert can be directed to Kelly at 419-966-1636.


Generous Scholarships Available for Ave Maria University and Ave Maria School of Law

High School Juniors & Seniors and College Seniors & Post Graduates, you are invited to Ave Maria Fall Fest, Saturday, November 23, at Domino’s Farms in Ann Arbor. 5:30 p.m. Dinner and Program. Meet admission counselors and alumni and learn about these generous scholarships:
Ave Maria School of Law -  Michigan/Toledo Full-Tuition Scholarship (Plus Stipend) and Ave Maria University – Toledo  Scholarship $7,000 per year for 4 years and Ave Maria University Toledo Homeschool Scholarship $9,000 per year for 4 years (Additional Academic and Athletic Aid Available).

Enjoy great food, fellowship and music.  FREE - Registration required by Monday, November 18 to attend! For more information & to register go to www.avemariafoundation.org or call 734-930-3441.


2019 Survivor of Suicide Day for those who have lost loved ones to suicide.  Saturday, November 23, 2019, from 10am-2pm at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 23120 US Highway 6, Stryker OH  43556. Located at the corner of SR66 and SR6, south of Archbold. This is an opportunity for people affected by suicide loss to gather in their communities to find comfort and gain under-standing as they share stories of healing and hope.  Check the bulletin board at each site for more info. 

Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the Sisters of Notre Dame invite women ages 20 - 45 to step away for prayer and reflection at a FREE retreat!  Our Come & Be weekend is a chance to learn about the life, spirituality and mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame, while taking time for personal prayer and rest.  The retreat is being held in Chardon, OH from December 6 - 8, 2019.  Please contact Sister Jenny Zimmerman, SND at vocations@snd1.org for more information!

Save the Date!! Rekindle the Fire - Annual Men's Conference in Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese - is celebrating 10 years this year. This year's conference will be Saturday, February 22, 2020 at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne. This year's conference speakers will be Jesse Romero, Father Mike Schmitz & Marcus Grodi. For more information and to register, please visit https://www.rekindlethefire.net/


Ever Wonder Why .... ? (Part II) 

Why is it... that when a woman is happy about her pregnancy, it's a "baby"? She is asked questions like, "when is your baby due?" When she goes to an abortion clinic, she is often told that "it" (the growing child) is only a blob of tissue or a product of conception?

Why is it... so many people are uninformed about abortion and it receives so little coverage in the media, despite the fact that it is the number-one cause of death in the US every year? 

Why is it... that you can kill an unborn baby anytime you want to, for any reason under the sun, but if you destroy a turtle egg on a Florida beach, you go to jail? 

Why is it… if abortion is supposed to be available to give a woman a "choice," that illegal coercion is the number-one cause of abortion in America today? Also, the number-one cause of death among pregnant women is murder. 

Why is it... that many do not see the handwriting on the wall... that abortion is a catalyst to infanticide, euthanasia, assisted suicide, human cloning etc. only to name a few contemporary assaults on the sanctity of human life? 

Why is it... that the major Fortune 500 companies will proudly support Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortion, but pro-life companies are scared to death to openly support the unborn, for fear of retribution in the marketplace? 

Why is it... that in every election cycle, God-fearing citizens cast their vote for politicians who support abortion when we know that the greatest gift God gives us is life and the greatest attack on life is abortion? 

Pro-Life Articles