2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Masses for the Week - Rosary is recited daily before Mass

Monday, January 21 – St. Agnes, Virgin & Martyr

No Mass

Tuesday, January 22 – Day of Prayer for the Legal

Protection of Unborn Children

 7:00 p.m. – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Cenacle, Reconciliation, Prayers to St. Philomena

7:45 p.m. Mass – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Richard Cromwell by June Coolman

Wednesday, January 23 – St. Vincent, Martyr; St. Marianne Cope

7:00 p.m.  Mass - St. Michael’s Ridge – All Souls by Rex Steffel

Thursday, January 24 – St. Francis De Sales, Bishop & Doctor of the Church

9:00 a.m. Mass – St. Isidore, Marysdale – Lee Gecowets by LaVon & Mary Lou Speiser

      (Transferred from 1/17/19 due to funeral)

Friday, January 25 – Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle

9:00 a.m. Mass – St. Michael’s Ridge – Robert & Virginia Rath by Robyn Hawkins

Lord’s Day Masses

Saturday, January 26 – Vigil of the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

3:30 p.m. – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend - Reconciliation

4:30 p.m. - St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Richard Minck by Zach & Bella Van Curen

   Servers: Elijah & Isaiah Goliver

6:30 p.m. – St. Michael’s Ridge – Price Family by Bill Winterhalter

Sunday, January 27 – Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

8:30 a.m. – St. Michael’s Ridge – Dick Meyer by Mary Jane Burgei

10:00 a.m. - St. Isidore, Marysdale – Paul Nusbaum by Virgil & Janice Hoene

   Servers: Elijah, Jude, and Jonah Shininger


St. Isidore Parish Stewardship – January 6, 2019

*The 4:30 pm mass was cancelled due to weather*

Loose - $265.00

Regular Envelopes - $973.00 (45)

Mary, Mother of God - $25.00 (2)

Initial Offering - $37.00 (4)

Total - $1,300.00  Thank you.  May God bless you!


Local March for Life: You are invited to attend the local March for Life on Tuesday, January 22 at 12noon starting at the Defiance Courthouse and ending at St. John's Catholic Church Basement. Please join in, and we will walk to stand up for unborn children who cannot speak for themselves. Jamie Blank will be our host, Bob Schoen, Victor Pham and members for the Culture Project will be guest speakers, Divine Mercy Catholic School from Payne will present their award winning essay, "What Being Pro Life Means to You," Jim Zipfel will share his musical talent, Fr. Stanbery will offer prayers, and Fr. Stites will have Holy Mass at 9am followed by exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament with Benediction at 4:45pm with Deacon Nick Varano officiating. Spread the word! Invite friends and family! Pray to end abortion! Sponsored by the Mother Teresa Respect for Life Group

A Family Perspective: At Cana, we get a good insight into Mary’s parenting style.  She did not plead, argue, demand or manipulate.  She merely pointed out the situation and trusted her son would make the best decision.

“Around Our Parishes”

This Saturday: St. Michael’s 1st Reconciliation after 6:30pm Mass

This Sunday: St. Isidore Confirmation Commitment Sunday for Grades 6 & 7 – during 10am Mass

      No rolls & coffee after 10am Mass due to CYO ski trip

      St. Michael’s Baptism of Kaleb Robert Weber, son of Corey & Jenny Weber

Thursday: St. Isidore Parish Council Mtg. – 7:30pm MD

Saturday: (rescheduled) St. Michael’s Ridge at 1pm Baptisms of Jaxen Walter Dominique, son of Randall & Connie Dominique, and Dawson Randall Sager, son of Joshua & Andrea Sager

Next Weekend: Visiting Priest, Fr. Scott Steinkerchner, O.P., from Food for the Poor will have all 4 weekend Masses

Sacrament of Confirmation Commitment

The following students will make their commitment to the confirmation program at 10am Mass this Sunday, January 20. Please keep the students, their families and their sponsors in your prayers as they begin their preparations for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The students are: Jesse Coolman, son of Jake and Holly Coolman; Aicha Diaw, daughter of Sarah Stuckey-Diaw; Miguel Garcia, son of Inocencio and Alison Garcia; Isaiah Goliver, son of Shawn and Andrea Goliver; Jeremiah Hammon, son of Joe and Diane Hammon; Alex Macsay, son of Greg and Sarah Macsay; John Marlin, son of John and Barb Marlin; and Jude Shininger, son of Luke and Kelly Shininger.

Food for the Poor – Next weekend, January 26/27, Rev. Scott E.P. Steinkerchner, O.P. will speak at all the Masses about a ministry providing direct relief to the poor throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  Father Steinkerchner will share personal witness about Food for the Poor’s mission to care for the destitute as a means of living out the Gospel mandate to love one another.  F. Steinkerchner was ordained for The Order of Preachers, the Dominicans, in 1998 and a member of the Chicago Province.  In addition to preaching on behalf of Food for the Poor for over 13 years, he is the Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Edgewood College in Madison, WI, where he also teaches courses in Catholic-ism, World Religions, Medical Ethics, and Ecclesiology.  Fr. Scott travels extensively around the world to study different religions.  He has written two books, the latest being “Beyond Agreement” which is about how to have a productive interreligious dialogue even when both sides may never come to agreement.  Please welcome Father Steinkerchner.

Toledo Diocese Level 3 Snow Emergency Policy  Whenever a county/city within the Diocese of Toledo is placed under a Level 3 Snow Emergency, during which all roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel, the

Catholic Churches within that geographic region will cancel the scheduled Saturday Vigil, Sunday, or Holy Day Masses.  Roman Catholics in that region, therefore, are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass.  If Masses are cancelled, Catholics are encouraged to participate in Holy Mass via television, radio, or internet, making a spiritual Communion.  When Mass is cancelled, all other diocesan, parish, or school events in that geographic region are also cancelled.

CYO Soup-er Bowl Collection: January 26-February 3.  There will be boxes at each church site to collect cans of soup and soup ingredients to be donated to the St. Mary’s food pantry.

Thank you! Through your generosity, the Diocese of Toledo reached the Annual Catholic Appeal goal for the first time since 2001! The 2018 ACA raised $2,830,034.00, exceeding the goal of $2.8 million.


Birthday Wishes

Pat Schindler, January 21

Dan Dietrich, January 22

Eric Culler, January 23

Gemma Mansel-Pleydell, January 24

Daniel Clinker, January 25

Isaiah Goliver, January 25

Helen Simonis, January 26

Chayse Singer, January 26

Johnny Marlin, January 27


Pray for the sick:

Fr. Bob, June Coolman, Cody Davis, Marianne Fleming, Denny Fronk, Noah Garcia, Danny Mekus, Don Meyer, Marilyn Minck, Roseann Nusbaum, Betty Adelman (sister of Anita Bertsch), and all who need our prayers.

St. Michael’s Ridge Annual Church Campout will once again be held at Huggy Bear Campground in Middle Point, Ohio on July 12–14.  St. Isidore families are invited to attend.  19 campsites are being held on a 1st come, 1st served basis. A Catholic Mass will be held on Saturday evening at the campground, followed by a potluck. Reservations can be made on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 3:00pm & 8:00pm by calling 419-968-2211. If you need additional information, please call Carol McCann at 419-351-6727.


Area Events

K of C Fish Fry

Knights of Columbus Council #1039, 111 Elliott Road, Defiance, OH (419-782-3536) Friday, February 1, 2019. Carry-out meals available at 4:00pm; dining room from 4:00pm-7:00pm.  Eat in: Adult Dinner $10.00 (with beverage) 6-12 Years $4.00, 5 and under eat for FREE!! Carry Out: Regular Dinner $9.50, 2lb “All Fish” $16.00, ($22 with any 3 Sides), side dishes $3.00/pint.

K of C Pancake Breakfast – Sunday, February 3, 2019, at the K of C Hall on Elliott Road, Defiance, from 9am-11am.  Meal price are: $7.50 for adults; $6.50 for senior citizens; $4 for children 6-12; free for children 5 and U. French toast has been added to the menu. 

CATHOLIC DIVORCE MINISTRY - A 12-week Catholic divorce recovery program, Surviving Divorce, will be hosted by Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Ottawa, Ohio.  Meetings will be held at Sts. Peter & Paul School on Tuesday evenings at 7pm beginning March 12, 2019.  The program is free of charge.  An optional workbook will be available for participants to purchase.  Surviving Divorce is a program created to help the divorced or separated Catholic by offering healing through the wisdom, richness, and truth of the Catholic faith.  The program videos, along with many additional resources, may be previewed online at www.catholicsdivorce.com.  For more information or to register for the Surviving Divorce Program, call 419-615-2298.


Diocesan Events

Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children - On Tuesday, January 22, the Church in the United States observes the annual “Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.” This day is set aside to pray for the legal protection of human life and to do penance for the violations to human dignity through abortion. We are called to observe this day through prayer and penance. More information: www.usccb.org/january-22

What is Pro Life? Are we sure we are 100% Pro Life? – Part IV

The Church teaches that all life is sacred and must be cherished and protected from conception to natural death.  By keeping this guiding principle in mind in reviewing all the following moral issues of today, we can quickly see what it means to be 100% Pro Life, no exceptions.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

This is performed by obtaining stem cells from a developing embryo and involves killing the embryo to do that. 

Once again the difficult question, the possible exception: can we destroy an unborn embryo in order to save another person living in a grave terminal medical situation that could maybe be saved by embryonic stem cells?

No, we can never take one life in order to save another. And in the case of embryonic stem cells, so far that has not been possible anyway. No embryonic stem cell research to date has been successful in developing any therapeutic treatments.

However, the removing of adult stem cells, which does not harm or cause the death of the person, has shown great promise for treating a variety of conditions and diseases.

If you believe that killing the embryo in order to obtain the embryonic stem cells is wrong, then you are Pro Life on this issue.

Joan Murray

Lucas, Texas


2020 Census Jobs – The U.S. Census Bureau is currently recruiting people for the upcoming census.  These temporary job openings have excellent pay, flexible hours, and paid training.  Apply online now at 2020census.gov/jobs or call 1-855-562-2020.

Christmas Flowers 2018

Our thanks to the parishioners who donated to the Christmas flower fund in memory/honor of their loved ones:

Deceased Family & Friends by Mary Batt

Deceased Family & Friends by Paul & Shirley Breidenbaugh

Deceased Family & Friends by Jake & Holly Coolman

Deceased Family & Friends by Greg & Geraldine Gause

Deceased Family & Friends by Erv & Veronica Hastedt

In Memory of Hearne & Hesselschwardt Families by Robert & Monica Hearne

Deceased Members by the Holy Name Society

Deceased Family & Friends by Barbara Homrich

Deceased Members of Singer & Huebner Families by Jim & Rita Huebner​

Deceased Family & Friends by Jim & Suzy Kline

Deceased Family & Friends by Greg & Karri Kolb

Deceased Family & Friends by Jim Kolb

In Memory of Deceased Parents by Deb Kolb

John & Ida Kunesh by Lawrence Kunesh

Deceased Family & Friends by Robert & Marilyn Kunesh

In Memory of Seibert & Mack Families by Herb & Rose Ann Mack

Deceased Family & Friends by John & Becky Mansel-Pleydell

Deceased Family & Friends by John & Barb Marlin

Deceased Family & Friends by Dave & Judy Meyer

Deceased Family & Friends by Colleen Rosebrock

Deceased Family & Friends by George & Ruby Schindler

Richard J. Sheets and Martin Sheets by Richard & Sue Sheets

Deceased Family & Friends by Alan & Mary Helen Sheibley

Gerald Wirth, Howard Shininger, & Anna Shininger by

Tom & Gloria Shininger

Deceased Family & Friends by Louis & Helen Simonis

Deceased Family & Friends by Tony & Terri Singer

Deceased Family & Friends by Jamie & Jackie Singer

Deceased Family & Friends by Mary Ann Smith

In honor of our Grandparents by Jeff Smith Family

Deceased Family & Friends by Dan & Pat Stevenson

Deceased Family & Friends by Jim & Agnes Timbrook

Deceased Family & Friends by Geoff & Kim Warner

Deceased Family & Friends by Greg & Lynn Wonderly

Deceased Family & Friends by Mark Wonderly

Deceased Family & Friends by Irene Zipfel