28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Masses for the Week - Rosary is recited daily before Mass 

Monday, October 12 – Weekday in Ordinary Time

No Mass

Tuesday, October 13 – Weekday in Ordinary Time

7:00 p.m. – Mass – St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – Art Wonderly by Pat Fronk

Wednesday, October 14 – St. Callistus I, Pope & Martyr

6:30 p.m. – Mass – St. Michael’s Ridge – Carmen Wagner by Siblings

Thursday, October 15 – St. Teresa of Jesus, Virgin & Doctor of the Church

9:00 a.m. – Mass - St. Isidore, Marysdale – Pauline Ramus by Altar Rosary Society

Friday, October 16 – St. Hedwig, Religious; St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Virgin

9:00 a.m.–Mass–St. Michael’s Ridge – Mary Ricica by Richard Kahle

Lord’s Day Masses

Saturday, October 17 – Vigil of the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

4:30 p.m. - St. Isidore, Delaware Bend – For the People of the Parish

6:30 p.m. – Saint Michael’s Ridge – Darwin Beck by Jerry & Alma Westhoven

Sunday, October 18 – 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

8:30 a.m. – St. Michael’s Ridge – Steve & Frances Stehulak by Joan Stehulak

10:00 a.m. - St. Isidore, Marysdale – Richard J. Sheets by John Hesselschwardt

*********************************************Weekly collections from October 3/4, 2020

Loose - $210.00

Regular Envelopes - $1,900.00

Maintenance Fund - $30.00

Total - $2,140.00  Thank you.  May God bless you!


Message delivered at all Masses on Sept. 26-27

In case you don’t know me, I am Fr. John Stites, and I have often assisted here. On Wednesday, September 23, Bishop Thomas met personally with Fr. Jacob Gordon and made the decision that, for the good of Fr. Jacob and for the good of the parishes, that Fr. Jacob’s position as Parochial Administrator be concluded, effective that same day, Sept. 23. Bishop Thomas has appointed me to serve as Parochial Administrator of both St. Michael and St. Isidore for the time being until a new pastor can be identified and appointed. I am happy to be here and to be of service in offering pastoral care for you. I will do the best I can.

It is understandable that when there is change like this that there are questions and a range of emotions. You can also understand that in personnel matters it is neither possible nor appropriate to share information publicly. But I certainly hope we can show respect for everyone as we move forward. I can be reached at 419-345-5999. There will be no personnel changes at this time. I am very grateful for your patience and support. As we prepare to enter into Holy Mass, we turn to the Lord Jesus, who is the source of our unity and peace.

Thank you,

Father Stites

St. Isidore Mass Intentions – Contact Melissa Moninger at 419-789-3780 (call/text).  The donation can be given to her directly or put in an envelope with her name on it and placed in the collection basket.

Maintenance Contacts: Steve Coolman, Russ Jesse, Louis Shininger, Barb Marlin, and Melissa Moninger

Sacrament of Reconciliation
St. Isidore, MD – Thursday, 8:30-9am

St. Isidore, DB – Tuesday, 6:30pm; Sat. 3:45-4:25pm

St. Michael’s Ridge – Wednesday, 6:00-6:20pm


Eucharistic Adoration Hours
St. Isidore, DB – Wednesday, 8am - Thursday, 6:45pm; Closing Benediction at 6:45pm Thursday 

St. Michael’s Ridge – Wednesday, 6-6:30pm with Reconciliation and Adoration


“Around Our Parish”

Thursday: St. Isidore Finance Council Mtg.– 6pm at MD

      St. Isidore Altar-Rosary Society Mtg. – at Marysdale beginning with the Rosary at 7pm


A Few Immediate Changes

 Mass at SMR on Wednesday evenings will now be at 6:30pm with Adoration beginning at 6pm

There will be no 7am Mass on Sunday mornings at SMR


The monthly meeting of the Christo Rey Federal Credit Union will be Monday, October 12 at 7:30pm at Jim Timbrook’s house.

St. Isidore Altar-Rosary Society News – Annual itinerary booklets are ready for pick up in the vestibules at both Bend and Marysdale sites. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Society was unable to hold officer elections last spring and will complete that at the October 15th meeting. Any member who would like to nominate themselves or another member for an office should contact President Barb Coolman by Oct. 11. COVID-19 restrictions also have postponed or canceled many of the social activities for our parish provided by A-R Society. Spiritual benefits of masses said for living and deceased members will continue as well as recitation of the rosary prior to meetings for our parish. 

Conscience and the Catholic Voter – Bishop Thomas has sent a cover letter and a series of eight articles for guidance for Catholics of good will in this election year.  Article #6 of the series is attached to the bulletin this week.  The materials are being forwarded to you at the request of Bishop Thomas and Peter Range of the Office for Life and Justice (Catholic Charities). Peter also invites you to view the following video series:  https://www.awakencatholic.org/election.

Bishop Thomas prays that these outlines will help us form our consciences through understanding Catholic teaching and hopes we will approach these issues with prayer, charity, and fidelity.

Support Our Priests’ Retirement: Our priests have given their lives in service to us and our parish and we are most grateful! Please offer your gratitude for those who have faithfully served in the Diocese of Toledo by making a gift to the Perpetuate the Gift Appeal.  Your gift benefits our retired diocesan priests, enabling them to pay for their living expenses, such as medical, housing, car, clothing and food. All funds contributed now through December 31, 2020 assist our parish in its assessed contribution to the fund. A gift of cash or check can be sent to Perpetuate the Gift, PO Box 954, Toledo, OH 43697 or placed in the parish collection.  A gift may also be made online at www.toledodiocese.org under the Give tab.  THANK YOU for your support! 


Birthday Wishes

Jackie Singer, October 14

Sidney Kunesh, October 14

Riley Jacob, October 14

Carter Warner, October 15

Kenneth Shininger, October 16

Karla Clark, October 17

Marilyn Kunesh, October 10

Averie Carder, October 11


Anniversary Wishes

Dan & Teresa Dietrich, October 12

Duane & Melinda Hearne, October 13

Andy & Dawn Mack, October 13

Tyke & Carrie Moninger, October 18


    Pray for the sick:

Fr. Bob, Betty Adelman & Jean Keller (sisters of Anita Bertsch), Anita Bertsch, Cody Davis, Marianne Fleming, Denny Fronk, Noah Garcia, Jim Huebner, Rhett Jesse, Danny Mekus, Marilyn Minck, Roseann Nusbaum, and all who need our prayers. 

Holy Land Collection - At the request of Pope Francis, there will now be a special collection for the Holy Land that traditionally would have been on Good Friday.  Due to the churches being closed at that time, we were not able to facilitate this special collection.  If you would like to donate, please mark an envelope with Holy Land Collection and place in the offertory or mail to the parish office (05480 Moser Rd, Defiance, OH 43512).  Thank you for your generosity.

World Mission Sunday – Next weekend we will celebrate World Mission Sunday.  Pope Francis invites the entire Church to support mission dioceses in Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and part of Europe and the Americas, where priest, religious and lay Leaders serve the world’s most vulnerable communities.  Please keep the Pope’s missions in your prayers, and be generous in next week’s collection for the Society for the Propaga-tion of the Faith.

The following message is required to be published in our bulletin once every quarter: The Diocese of Toledo remains committed to ensuring the protection of children and providing a safe environment for all young people.  If you have any knowledge of abuse that has been committed by a cleric, or any employee or volunteer of the Catholic Church, please report the abuse to your local police department, Child Protection Services, and Mr. Frank DiLallo, Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator.  Mr. DiLallo can be reached at (419) 214-4880 or by mail at 1933 Spielbusch Avenue, Toledo, Ohio  43604.

ANDREW DINNER - Join Bishop Daniel Thomas, Father Phil Smith and other local priests for dinner, prayer, and an opportunity to learn more about the diocesan priesthood. Participants should be accompanied by their parish priest. This free event is for young men who are high school or college age.  Held on November 1 from 6-8pm at Immaculate Conception Parish, Ottoville, OH.  Register with the Office of Diocesan Priestly Vocations by email psmith@toledodiocese.org or by calling 419-244-6711, ex. 4941 by Friday, October 23, 2020.

Single Catholic Women Invited to ‘Zoom and See’ Weekend: Are you a single Catholic woman, age 19-35, seeking a meaningful life of service and dedication to God? The Adrian Dominican Sisters invite you to their virtual Zoom and See Weekend, October 23-24, 2020, to join other women discerning whether you are called to religious life – and particularly to life as a Dominican Sister of Adrian.

The weekend begins at 7:00 p.m. EDT Friday, October 23, 2020, and concludes at 8:30 p.m. EDT on Saturday, October 24, 2020. It will include time for prayer, silence, faith-sharing, and fun, as well as conversations about Dominican life and the life of a Sister.

Please register online at https://tinyurl.com/ADSDiscern. For information, contact Sister Tarianne DeYonker, OP, Vocation Co-director, at tdeyonker@adriandominicans.org or call or text her at 517-920-1395.


Dressing for the Feast: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 25:6–10 Philippians 4:12–14, 19–20
Psalm 23:1–6 Matthew 22:1–14

Our Lord’s parable in today’s Gospel is again a fairly straightforward outline of salvation history.

God is the king (see Matthew 5:35), Jesus the bridegroom (see Matthew 9:15), the feast is the salvation and eternal life that Isaiah prophesies in today’s First Reading. The Israelites are those first invited to the feast by God’s servants, the prophets (see Isaiah 7:25). For refusing repeated invitations and even killing His prophets, Israel has been punished, its city conquered by foreign armies.

Now, Jesus makes clear, God is sending new servants, His apostles, to call not only Israelites, but all people—good and bad alike—to the feast of His kingdom. This an image of the Church, which Jesus elsewhere compares to a field sown with both wheat and weeds, and a fishing net that catches good fish and bad (see Matthew 13:24–43, 47–50).

We have all been called to this great feast of love in the Church, where, as Isaiah foretold, the veil that once separated the nations from the covenants of Israel has been destroyed, where the dividing wall of enmity has been torn down by the blood of Christ (see Ephesians 2:11–14).

As we sing in today’s Psalm, the Lord has led us to this feast, refreshing our souls in the waters of Baptism, spreading the table before us in the Eucharist. As Paul tells us in today’s Epistle, in the glorious riches of Christ, we will find supplied whatever we need.

And in the rich food of His body, and the choice wine of His blood, we have a foretaste of the eternal banquet in the heavenly Jerusalem, when God will destroy death forever (see Hebrews 12:22–24).

But are we dressed for the feast, clothed in the garment of righteousness (see Revelation 19:8)? Not all who have been called will be chosen for eternal life, Jesus warns. Let us be sure that we’re living in a manner worthy of the invitation we’ve received (see Ephesians 4:1).

Yours in Christ,

Scott Hahn, PhD